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Top 5 Cheap Engagement Ring Retailers – According to Google

Posted by on Jul 28, 2016 in All jewellery | Comments Off on Top 5 Cheap Engagement Ring Retailers – According to Google

Princess Cut Cheap Engagement RingPurchasing an engagement is a show of intent. Just as the diamonds set on the ring are said to last forever, for any individual that buys an engagement ring, it shows the intent to spend the rest of his life with them. In this regard, there should be no compromises on the quality of the ring. Only the best suffices to mark the occasion of committing for the rest of your life.

This, however, should not equate to spending a fortune on the engagement ring. You can get the best quality of diamond ring from the market within your budget. Herein is a guide of some of the best engagement ring retailers on the market from which you can get quality engagement rings at affordable prices.

Finding Cheap Engagement Ring Retailers On Google

Finding an online engagement ring retailers is not such as daunting task. After all, it is only a few clicks of buttons, and you get a plethora of choices at your disposal. However, what might be difficult is understanding what to look for in order to find affordable engagement ring retailers.

With this in mind, you need to understand what goes into the pricing of the ring and also what contributes to the final cost of the ring up to when it is delivered to your destination of choice.

Different retailers sell their engagement ring setting at different prices. For instance, a silver setting will be sold differently among the different retailers. The same goes for gold settings (whether 14k or 18k yellow, rose or white gold) and platinum settings.

After considerations of the setting, the price of the diamond/pearl come into play. The size, carat (weight) and the cut quality of the diamond will determine how much it will cost. A good retailer of diamond engagement rings will have a plethora of choices for their customer to choose from.

Finally, the cost of shipping comes into play. The cost varies among different retailers. There are retailers who ship for free while other require you to pay for the shipment. You need to take note of the retailers’ shipping policies as it can adversely drive up the cost.

Global Vs Local Engagement Ring Retailers

Although you may opt to purchase your engagement ring from a local retailer, it is advisable to purchase from global retailers as they tend to offer high-quality rings at favorable prices. For instance, global retailers have a wide market or their products. Therefore, they tend to have a wide array of diamonds, settings types and setting metals in stock. This gives customers the chance of choosing an engagement ring that fully meets all their needs in terms of pricing and styling.

Global retailers also tend to have buy-back offers, which is an important choice to have when purchasing an engagement ring. In the event, you want some modifications to the ring, or you are dissatisfied with the product, it is important to have the choice of returning it back to the retailer.

Finally, global retailers are usually capable of shipping to different parts of the world. If you do not reside in parts of the country or parts of the world where engagement ring retailers are found in brick and mortar establishments, you can still buy the ring of your choice and have it shipped to your destination, with no or little hassle.

Google’s Top 5 Cheap Engagement Rings

Here is the list of five retailers that sell cheap engagement rings. The retailers are global brands and have a reputation of selling high-quality engagement rings.

#1. Super Jeweler

Established in 1999, Super Jeweler is a retailer of jewelry, with engagement rings being one of their products. What makes shopping for engagement rings on Super Jewel special is the fact they have categorized their items into different categories making it easy to find a ring that suits your style of choice.

Additionally, customers can filter the product to suit their budget by setting the price range they want to shop rings from. They also run special offers for high-end rings. You can purchase a high-end ring at a lower price when the ring is on offer.

#2. Blue Nile

This online jewelry retailer offers some of the most spectacular engagement rings. Additionally, they offer their customer cheap ones too. For this, customers can order a custom made ring right from their website, where they can choose the ring setting and the diamond piece. This means that as customers, you can choose a ring that is within your budget limits and also fits your requirements.

#3. OverStock

OverStock is a retailer of a plethora of items. However, they also retail engagement rings at affordable prices. Their custom search function lets customers search for rings based on prices, the weight of the diamond (carats), diamond cuts and metals used. Customers can narrow down the rings using these choices to get the best ring possible. They offer free shipping.

#4. Amazon Jewelry

Amazon list a multitude of engagement ring retailers. This gives customers a wide choice of retailers to choose from while at the same time ensuring customer get value for money. Using Amazon to purchase an affordable engagement ring is also made easier by the narrowing down function. You can narrow down your choices by price, vendor, and many other modalities.

#5. Zales

Zales Outlet provides customers with unmatched flexibility in terms of prices. The rings start from as low as $50 with the high side being over $5,000. In between is a plethora of choices geared towards suiting customer budget. Beyond diamond, customers have a choice of using pearls as alternatives.

Whichever vendor you choose, you will find excellent selections of cheap engagement rings at the forementioned shops.

Other Cheap Engagement Ring Resources:

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Building your jewelry wardrobe: a beginner’s guide

Posted by on Jul 23, 2016 in All jewellery, Jewelry Wardrobe | Comments Off on Building your jewelry wardrobe: a beginner’s guide

Just starting out with your jewelry wardrobe? Lucky you—you’ve got endless possibilities before you. It can be intimidating to start building a jewelry wardrobe from scratch, though, if you’re not sure where to start, so consider these tips as you set out to choose your first pieces. And enjoy!
There are a few pieces every girl should have on rotation: a bold cocktail ring that can transform a basic sheath into dinner-and-drinks material; a long pendant necklace to jazz up basics like jeans and work wear; a pair of drop PalmBeach-Grey-Crystal-Cocktail-Ring-Made-with-Swarovski-Elements-Bold-Fashion-a6e8cb0e-c9bb-428d-a745-c1a80c4b116a_600earrings to dress up or down; and a pretty bracelet to accessorize all your sleeveless summer tops and dresses. The style and color of these pieces simply depends on your personal taste, but with them, you’ll have something to cover almost every outfit. If budgeting is a concern, then your watchword is versatility. Pieces that can be worn for a variety of occasions, from work to dinner dates, and have a long shelf life—nothing too trendy—should be first on your list. Think classic pendants, cocktail rings, drop earrings and bracelets. You can add one or two trendy, standout pieces each season—bold cuffs, statement necklaces and the like—to refresh your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

If you’re not sure which pieces of jewelry will be best on you, think about your lifestyle and fashion preferences. Do you like classic designs or are you all about bright colors and jazzy shapes? Do you wear up a lot and like to show off earrings? You might have a job where long necklaces or oversize rings can snag and break, in which case a bracelet or earrings might be better.

jewelry mix and match collection offers maximum versatility—think lots of same metals and similar cuts or stones—but clashing pieces is fun, too. If you choose lots of pieces in similar hues and styles you’ll be able to combine them easily for different looks while keeping a more demure profile, which is great for work or for those who like more low-key jewelry. But if you like to stand out more, try mixing it up—layer a few long pendant necklaces with one bolder piece, or stack up a mix of bangles in different colors. Don’t feel that you have to stick to any “rules” of mixing and matching jewelry, because none exist—concentrate instead on purchasing the pieces that catch your eye and experiment with layering them together. What appeals to your eye is more important than what’s trendy!
bfsg6k-l-610x610-dress-style-blue-blue+skirt-jewelry-gold-summer-playsuit-outfit-urban+outfitters-clothes-party-girly-brunette-beautyAdding jewelry to an outfit is pretty easy, but for the true newbies, there are a few styling tricks to make pairings look their best. Bracelets are great with almost every sleeve type, but probably shouldn’t be paired with oversize rings, which is overkill. (Try rings with necklaces or earrings instead.) A long pendant looks great with flowy tops and shorter statement necklaces are perfect with silky t-shirts and collared shirts alike. If you’re wearing something with a special neckline—strapless, one-shouldered or the like—it’s better to go for earrings to complement the neckline rather than covering it up. Finally, a contrasting pop of color is usually more interesting than matching your jewelry to your clothing, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different color combos—try a green ring with an orange blouse and you’ll see how pretty the effect can be!

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Find perfect rings for her taste and your budget

Posted by on Jul 17, 2016 in All jewellery, Perfect Rings | Comments Off on Find perfect rings for her taste and your budget

Majority of people worldwide know that diamond engagement rings are the most favorable and likable jewelry item, which is usually presented to the soon to be bride on the day of the most important day that engagement. If you will make survey, then you will find that diamond ring is widely used jewellery accessory for women of every age, cast and also social setting.

I think no every person has dreamed for making their engagement occasion very enjoyable also memorable as well. Dream of presenting beautiful and stylish engagement ring can be realized by presenting the most preferable gift is diamond engagement ring, and the best of thing of this ring is that it is designed and also crafted to make it good, noticeable and flashy as well.

When you are going to present the ring, so the person who is going Ring-Stash-4engage should present ideally perfect diamond engagement ring since choosing perfectly matched ring is very important because main aim and objective of every couple is going to engage is to this moment the most enjoyable and also precious. So at the time of picking the metal for ring, you have to be very cautious since if metal is not pure, then it may cause rubbing or abrasion between fingers, as even for a short time these rings can cause painful blisters and raw areas so buy pure metals which suit your finger and give beautiful look to engagement rings.

If you are thinking much about options and collection, then there is no need to worry because a wide range of rings in various designs are available and also offered by several online jewelry store, and these are unique in designs and look and perfect in comfort that means this engagement ring is ideal in every aspect including prices as well.


A wide range of ring is different style and look but the most popular one among the buyers of ring is solitaire diamond engagement rings and the reason behind its popularity is its unique, elegant look, classical designs and also setting as well. Solitaire diamond ring is liked by people because this ring is very simple and also classic design. People like very much solitaire diamond engagement ring because it is unique yet very elegant which has single diamond ring setting without side stone.


ornate-engagement-ringAdditionally, the buyers of the ring have to look for the right shape and setting of engagement ring which can make it more unique than the others. There are several cut but the most preferred cut is round but you can go with other cut, such as oval, pear, marquise, emerald, drop shape, radiant shape and Escher shape.

Apart from these, you can also buy the other style and settings of diamond cheap engagement rings and these are gradually getting popularity but most of the women of the world still prefer the timeless and classic beauty of solitaire rings because solitaire diamond ring is considered as an icon of eternal love and happiness. It can also make the married life very strong help in making their life simple and very easy.

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Silver Rings for Men

Posted by on Jul 12, 2016 in All jewellery, Rings for Men | Comments Off on Silver Rings for Men

As more men start wearing fashion rings for the first time, it’s no surprise to see more jewelry designers getting in on the act. Instead of just creating fashion rings for women, they are making more and more silver rings for men. Why silver, and not another metal, you might ask? Well, we will try to explain it here.

Silver is a metal that is both attractive and affordable, and that translates into more sales to male customers. Other than wedding rings, men are rather non-committal about wearing jewelry. If it gets too expensive or they can’t find what they want, it’s easier for them to just skip the ring. Realizing this, jewelry designers have gone to great lengths to accommodate the male customer and they’ve found that men have a much higher comfort level with silver than they do with gold and other metals.


Silver Rings vs. Industrial Metals

925-Sterling-Silver-Ring-Woven-Chain-Rings-for-Men-and-Women-Wd15073009-Unisex-Ring-Fashion-Jewelry.jpg_640x640Recently, many designers have started making men’s fashion rings out of tungsten, cobalt and titanium; three extremely durable metals that are known as industrial metals. While these have certainly made headway among male shoppers, they are rarely available in as many unique designs as silver. Because these metals are so much harder than silver or gold, they are typically made into simpler bands with little or no decoration. So what are the most popular types of silver rings for men?
While there are countless styles to match every lifestyle, biker rings are among the best sellers. They are couple of rings that correlate to this genre, il_570xN.799922410_ks0ylike skull rings for example. Celtic rings are another big seller in sterling silver and they’re a great way for men to show off their Irish heritage. Men like the way silver can be crafted into so many different designs, and how it’s so easy to care for. For example, the .925 grade of sterling silver retains its beautiful shine even after years of wear. In fact, it’s the same grade of silver used by Tiffany & Co, but it’s much less expensive than platinum and white gold. Where can you buy sterling silver rings for men?

ANGLE2-020psdBelieve it or not, the average fine jewelry store may not even carry silver rings. For some reason, many fine jewelers avoid selling silver, claiming it is not really fine jewelry. At the same time, these same jewelers are selling watches made of stainless steel. If you want to find an endless selection of fashion rings made of silver, the best place to look is online. Not that brick-and-mortar jewelry stores are not good, it’s just easier to find a good piece of silver jewelry online.

There many online retail sellers that stand out for their varied selection of men’s rings. They sell spinner rings, Christian rings, tribal rings, promise rings, rainbow rings and more all at everyday low prices. They do have in mind that silver rings for men are an affordable way to add a new dimension to any mans wardrobe. Therefore they tend to have all kinds of silver jewelry in order to make money but also to meet their customer’s needs.

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The Importance Of Diamond Cuts

Posted by on Jul 1, 2016 in All jewellery, Diamond Cuts | Comments Off on The Importance Of Diamond Cuts

Many people think of a diamond’s cut and believe it has to do with a shape. It’s only natural to believe that’s what jewelers are talking about. You associate a “princess cut” with a rectangular shape, you associate a “round” cut with a round shape, and you associate an “pear cut” with a pear shape. While it makes perfect sense to you why you believe the “cut” deals with the diamond’s shape, jewelers are actually referring to a diamond’s proportions. By “proportions” we mean the diamond’s depth, width, and uniformity of facets. So, while you may think that a cut is importance because you have your heart set on a particular shape of a diamond, jewelers have a different reason to acknowledge the importance of a diamond’s cut. The cut is what controls the brilliance and durability of the diamond.

The “brilliance” of a diamond is the beautiful sparkle and shine it produces when light hits the stone. Without a good cut, your stone can lack brilliance. It does not matter how large the diamond is, what color the stone is, or what clarity the stone has. If the cut is bad, your sparkle is hindered. Here are some ways that the cut can directly affect certain characteristics you should be looking for in a quality diamond.


proportions-ideal-cutShallow cut stones lose their light out of the bottom of the stone. The light goes in the stone and does not bounce back out the top. This can make the diamond appear dull. Deep cut stones lose light out of their sides. This can make portions of the diamond, or the entire diamond, appear dark. Ideal cut stones do not lose their light. Instead, the light travels through the stone to the bottom and bounces back out the top. This is what creates the brilliance of the diamond and makes it sparkle.


When jewelers refer to a diamond ring’s symmetry, they are referring to the alignment of the diamond’s facets. A facet is a flat and polished section of the stone. These facets are created to bounce light off. When a diamond reflects light off of a facet, it is called scintillation. If a diamond’s facets are misaligned, you will not have this effect. Again, the diamond can appear dull and lifeless.



All facets’ surfaces should be smooth and polished to ensure that light reflects off them properly.


  • Broken or chipped culet (a tiny facet at the bottom of the stone)
  • A missing or off-center culet
  • Extra or misaligned facets
  • A too thick (poor proportions) or too thick (too fragile) girdle (the edge that is created when the crown of the diamond meets the pavilion)
  • Girdles with tiny cracks
  • Sloping tables (the flat part of the diamond at the top)


Always buy your diamonds from a reputable jeweler or store. Ask to see the diamond’s certification so you can verify what properties/grading the diamond has. Examine multiple diamonds so you can compare the cuts with each other.  Never be afraid to ask you jeweler to disclose any flaws with the diamond’s cut

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