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Building your jewelry wardrobe: a beginner’s guide

Posted by on Jul 23, 2016 in All jewellery, Jewelry Wardrobe | Comments Off on Building your jewelry wardrobe: a beginner’s guide

Just starting out with your jewelry wardrobe? Lucky you—you’ve got endless possibilities before you. It can be intimidating to start building a jewelry wardrobe from scratch, though, if you’re not sure where to start, so consider these tips as you set out to choose your first pieces. And enjoy!
There are a few pieces every girl should have on rotation: a bold cocktail ring that can transform a basic sheath into dinner-and-drinks material; a long pendant necklace to jazz up basics like jeans and work wear; a pair of drop PalmBeach-Grey-Crystal-Cocktail-Ring-Made-with-Swarovski-Elements-Bold-Fashion-a6e8cb0e-c9bb-428d-a745-c1a80c4b116a_600earrings to dress up or down; and a pretty bracelet to accessorize all your sleeveless summer tops and dresses. The style and color of these pieces simply depends on your personal taste, but with them, you’ll have something to cover almost every outfit. If budgeting is a concern, then your watchword is versatility. Pieces that can be worn for a variety of occasions, from work to dinner dates, and have a long shelf life—nothing too trendy—should be first on your list. Think classic pendants, cocktail rings, drop earrings and bracelets. You can add one or two trendy, standout pieces each season—bold cuffs, statement necklaces and the like—to refresh your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

If you’re not sure which pieces of jewelry will be best on you, think about your lifestyle and fashion preferences. Do you like classic designs or are you all about bright colors and jazzy shapes? Do you wear up a lot and like to show off earrings? You might have a job where long necklaces or oversize rings can snag and break, in which case a bracelet or earrings might be better.

jewelry mix and match collection offers maximum versatility—think lots of same metals and similar cuts or stones—but clashing pieces is fun, too. If you choose lots of pieces in similar hues and styles you’ll be able to combine them easily for different looks while keeping a more demure profile, which is great for work or for those who like more low-key jewelry. But if you like to stand out more, try mixing it up—layer a few long pendant necklaces with one bolder piece, or stack up a mix of bangles in different colors. Don’t feel that you have to stick to any “rules” of mixing and matching jewelry, because none exist—concentrate instead on purchasing the pieces that catch your eye and experiment with layering them together. What appeals to your eye is more important than what’s trendy!
bfsg6k-l-610x610-dress-style-blue-blue+skirt-jewelry-gold-summer-playsuit-outfit-urban+outfitters-clothes-party-girly-brunette-beautyAdding jewelry to an outfit is pretty easy, but for the true newbies, there are a few styling tricks to make pairings look their best. Bracelets are great with almost every sleeve type, but probably shouldn’t be paired with oversize rings, which is overkill. (Try rings with necklaces or earrings instead.) A long pendant looks great with flowy tops and shorter statement necklaces are perfect with silky t-shirts and collared shirts alike. If you’re wearing something with a special neckline—strapless, one-shouldered or the like—it’s better to go for earrings to complement the neckline rather than covering it up. Finally, a contrasting pop of color is usually more interesting than matching your jewelry to your clothing, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different color combos—try a green ring with an orange blouse and you’ll see how pretty the effect can be!

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