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Silver Rings for Men

Silver Rings for Men

As more men start wearing fashion rings for the first time, it’s no surprise to see more jewelry designers getting in on the act. Instead of just creating fashion rings for women, they are making more and more silver rings for men. Why silver, and not another metal, you might ask? Well, we will try to explain it here.

Silver is a metal that is both attractive and affordable, and that translates into more sales to male customers. Other than wedding rings, men are rather non-committal about wearing jewelry. If it gets too expensive or they can’t find what they want, it’s easier for them to just skip the ring. Realizing this, jewelry designers have gone to great lengths to accommodate the male customer and they’ve found that men have a much higher comfort level with silver than they do with gold and other metals.


Silver Rings vs. Industrial Metals

925-Sterling-Silver-Ring-Woven-Chain-Rings-for-Men-and-Women-Wd15073009-Unisex-Ring-Fashion-Jewelry.jpg_640x640Recently, many designers have started making men’s fashion rings out of tungsten, cobalt and titanium; three extremely durable metals that are known as industrial metals. While these have certainly made headway among male shoppers, they are rarely available in as many unique designs as silver. Because these metals are so much harder than silver or gold, they are typically made into simpler bands with little or no decoration. So what are the most popular types of silver rings for men?
While there are countless styles to match every lifestyle, biker rings are among the best sellers. They are couple of rings that correlate to this genre, il_570xN.799922410_ks0ylike skull rings for example. Celtic rings are another big seller in sterling silver and they’re a great way for men to show off their Irish heritage. Men like the way silver can be crafted into so many different designs, and how it’s so easy to care for. For example, the .925 grade of sterling silver retains its beautiful shine even after years of wear. In fact, it’s the same grade of silver used by Tiffany & Co, but it’s much less expensive than platinum and white gold. Where can you buy sterling silver rings for men?

ANGLE2-020psdBelieve it or not, the average fine jewelry store may not even carry silver rings. For some reason, many fine jewelers avoid selling silver, claiming it is not really fine jewelry. At the same time, these same jewelers are selling watches made of stainless steel. If you want to find an endless selection of fashion rings made of silver, the best place to look is online. Not that brick-and-mortar jewelry stores are not good, it’s just easier to find a good piece of silver jewelry online.

There many online retail sellers that stand out for their varied selection of men’s rings. They sell spinner rings, Christian rings, tribal rings, promise rings, rainbow rings and more all at everyday low prices. They do have in mind that silver rings for men are an affordable way to add a new dimension to any mans wardrobe. Therefore they tend to have all kinds of silver jewelry in order to make money but also to meet their customer’s needs.

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