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Top 5 Cheap Engagement Ring Retailers – According to Google

Top 5 Cheap Engagement Ring Retailers – According to Google

Princess Cut Cheap Engagement RingPurchasing an engagement is a show of intent. Just as the diamonds set on the ring are said to last forever, for any individual that buys an engagement ring, it shows the intent to spend the rest of his life with them. In this regard, there should be no compromises on the quality of the ring. Only the best suffices to mark the occasion of committing for the rest of your life.

This, however, should not equate to spending a fortune on the engagement ring. You can get the best quality of diamond ring from the market within your budget. Herein is a guide of some of the best engagement ring retailers on the market from which you can get quality engagement rings at affordable prices.

Finding Cheap Engagement Ring Retailers On Google

Finding an online engagement ring retailers is not such as daunting task. After all, it is only a few clicks of buttons, and you get a plethora of choices at your disposal. However, what might be difficult is understanding what to look for in order to find affordable engagement ring retailers.

With this in mind, you need to understand what goes into the pricing of the ring and also what contributes to the final cost of the ring up to when it is delivered to your destination of choice.

Different retailers sell their engagement ring setting at different prices. For instance, a silver setting will be sold differently among the different retailers. The same goes for gold settings (whether 14k or 18k yellow, rose or white gold) and platinum settings.

After considerations of the setting, the price of the diamond/pearl come into play. The size, carat (weight) and the cut quality of the diamond will determine how much it will cost. A good retailer of diamond engagement rings will have a plethora of choices for their customer to choose from.

Finally, the cost of shipping comes into play. The cost varies among different retailers. There are retailers who ship for free while other require you to pay for the shipment. You need to take note of the retailers’ shipping policies as it can adversely drive up the cost.

Global Vs Local Engagement Ring Retailers

Although you may opt to purchase your engagement ring from a local retailer, it is advisable to purchase from global retailers as they tend to offer high-quality rings at favorable prices. For instance, global retailers have a wide market or their products. Therefore, they tend to have a wide array of diamonds, settings types and setting metals in stock. This gives customers the chance of choosing an engagement ring that fully meets all their needs in terms of pricing and styling.

Global retailers also tend to have buy-back offers, which is an important choice to have when purchasing an engagement ring. In the event, you want some modifications to the ring, or you are dissatisfied with the product, it is important to have the choice of returning it back to the retailer.

Finally, global retailers are usually capable of shipping to different parts of the world. If you do not reside in parts of the country or parts of the world where engagement ring retailers are found in brick and mortar establishments, you can still buy the ring of your choice and have it shipped to your destination, with no or little hassle.

Google’s Top 5 Cheap Engagement Rings

Here is the list of five retailers that sell cheap engagement rings. The retailers are global brands and have a reputation of selling high-quality engagement rings.

#1. Super Jeweler

Established in 1999, Super Jeweler is a retailer of jewelry, with engagement rings being one of their products. What makes shopping for engagement rings on Super Jewel special is the fact they have categorized their items into different categories making it easy to find a ring that suits your style of choice.

Additionally, customers can filter the product to suit their budget by setting the price range they want to shop rings from. They also run special offers for high-end rings. You can purchase a high-end ring at a lower price when the ring is on offer.

#2. Blue Nile

This online jewelry retailer offers some of the most spectacular engagement rings. Additionally, they offer their customer cheap ones too. For this, customers can order a custom made ring right from their website, where they can choose the ring setting and the diamond piece. This means that as customers, you can choose a ring that is within your budget limits and also fits your requirements.

#3. OverStock

OverStock is a retailer of a plethora of items. However, they also retail engagement rings at affordable prices. Their custom search function lets customers search for rings based on prices, the weight of the diamond (carats), diamond cuts and metals used. Customers can narrow down the rings using these choices to get the best ring possible. They offer free shipping.

#4. Amazon Jewelry

Amazon list a multitude of engagement ring retailers. This gives customers a wide choice of retailers to choose from while at the same time ensuring customer get value for money. Using Amazon to purchase an affordable engagement ring is also made easier by the narrowing down function. You can narrow down your choices by price, vendor, and many other modalities.

#5. Zales

Zales Outlet provides customers with unmatched flexibility in terms of prices. The rings start from as low as $50 with the high side being over $5,000. In between is a plethora of choices geared towards suiting customer budget. Beyond diamond, customers have a choice of using pearls as alternatives.

Whichever vendor you choose, you will find excellent selections of cheap engagement rings at the forementioned shops.

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